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About Acme

By providing affordable studio and living space, residencies and awards, opportunities and other support, Acme has supported over 7,000 artists since 1972.

From two derelict shops in London’s East End, we have grown to become the largest single provider of artists’ studios in England. Over 80% of our studio stock is held on a long-term basis.

Artists are allocated studios based on individual needs and time on our waiting list.

Via advocacy, partnerships, advice and consultancy, Acme works to support the preservation, professionalism and to increase the supply of affordable artists’ studios elsewhere.


Mission & Values

Acme supports the development and production of art by providing the time, space, financial support and other opportunities artists need. We believe that by reducing the practical challenges that artists face, we increase their ability to take greater creative risks.

  • Visual Culture. We believe in the importance of visual culture to society, in freedom of expression and the independence of artists.
  • Inclusivity. We promote equality of access in all aspects of our work – and treat all artists equally.
  • Integrity. We are independent and not-for-profit. We strive for the highest standards in all we do.
  • Excellence. We strive towards excellence to achieve best value and promote examples of innovation and best practice. We listen to artists and are flexible in response.   
  • Security. We plan and manage our work with care to create a secure and sustainable resource that enables artists to take risks.
  • Sustainability. We strive to reduce the environmental impact of our operations and improve the efficiency and sustainability of all aspects of our work



Acme Artists Studios Limited
A registered society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014
Reg. No: IP30662 R
Vat No 680 7763 03

44 Copperfield Road,
Bow, London, E3 4RR
020 8981 6811


Board of Trustees

Robert Barnes

Naomi Dines

Henry Lydiate

Richard Kingsnorth

Richard Millward (Chair)

Lea O'Loughlin

David Panton OBE




Richard Kingsnorth

Lea O'Loughlin

David Panton OBE

Artist Liaison

Heather Deedman- Head of Artist Liaison

Calum F Kerr - Artist Liaison Officer

Lottie Leedham - Senior Artist Liaison Officer

Natalia Markowska - Artist Liaison Administrator

Residencies & Awards

Musanna Ahmed - Residencies & Awards Assistant

Lea O'Loughlin - Head of Residencies & Awards

Charlie Coffey - Programme Manager

Michelle Ussher - Artist Support Officer

Property Management

Jane Hartley - Property Manager

John Lang - Head of Property Management

Meti Osmani - Property Manager

Chris Scannell - Senior Property Manager


Richard Kingsnorth - Head of Finance and Resources

Ben Lawley - Rent Accounts Manager

Elaine Reynolds - Accounts Administrator

Zoe Schoenherr - Rent Accounts Administrator

Property Development

Jack Fortescue - Property Development

David Panton OBE - Founder and Co-Director


Patrizia Crivelli - Archive and Research Coordinator


Human Relations

Natasha O'Brien - HR Advisor



Belinda Johnson - Communications Manager



Acme Studios' office is located on the fourth floor of a former factory on the Regent's Canal next to Mile End Stadium in Mile End Park, East London.


Artist Amy Gee in her studio at Childers Street. Photo: Hugo Glendinning (2011)

Artist Amy Gee in her studio at Childers Street. Photo: Hugo Glendinning (2011)

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