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Acme Fire Station Artist Open Studios


Opening Night: Thursday 28 September, 6pm - 9pm

Friday 29 September 12pm–6pm / Saturday 30 September 12pm–6pm / Sunday 1 October 12pm–6pm

Acme Fire Station, 30 Gillender Street, Poplar, London, E14 6RH (Google Map)

Individual and collaborative exhibitions and events across the Acme Fire Station site featuring resident and invited artists as part of Art Licks Weekend 2017.

Acme's Fire Station was opened in 1997 to offer a five year work-live residency programme for artists and artist studios. The theme of ‘finding solutions’ has been implicit to all residency artists over its 20-year history, offering artists a unique, mid-term solution to give more time to their own work.

Artists from Programme 5 (2015-2020), join Art Licks Weekend to open the private Fire Station site, and a selection of residential studios; situating the artist’s individual and collaborative practices side by side, while highlighting the scope and rarity of a five-year residency. In addition, contemporary abstract artist Julie Umerle will be showing new paintings in her ground floor studio.

Half of the 12 work/live units will open to the public presenting artist-curated self-initiated group exhibitions in four strands: 'Commission and Commune', 'Love/Work', 'I like to fondle' and multi-performance event 'D!N DINS' - see Art Licks Weekend programme website for full list of resident and guest exhibiting artists. -

Resident Artists
Holly Antrum, Leah Capaldi, Lucy Clout, Samantha Donnelly, Alex Frost, Seth Guy, Rizwan Mirza, Richard Healy, Michelle Ussher, Neil Walsh, Lucy Woodhouse, Laura Yuile.

Curated and organised by Acme Fire Station Programme 5 artists.

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