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Acme recognises the importance of providing a website that is accessible to all user groups, including those with disabilities. We have implemented accessibility features on this website to make it easier to use for people with disabilities. We are currently working to enhance and supplement these features.

If you have questions or feedback about the accessibility of this website, or if you experience any difficulty using it, please contact us:

Acme Studios
44 Copperfield Road, Bow, London, E3 4RR
T 020 8981 6811
F 020 8983 0567

The features currently employed are as follows:

  • The layout and styling is governed by something called CSS (cascading style sheets), this too can be validated using which links from our home page. The CSS tells the browser how to layout and style the XHTML
  • The code on our site is well formed and can be tested for accessibility options. Watchfire has a good tester: which links from our home page. Each page url needs to be pasted in. The accessibilty tab shows three cautions for level A, AA and AAA - these mean the page has passed but needs human verification on some features which can't be checked automatically. Acme has endeavoured to meet as many human verification features as possible within it's design.
  • When an image conveys important information an extended text description is provided for it.
  • For links on the site we have chosen a colour that is visually distinct for every colour-blindness, and that underlines when rolled over.
  • Where style sheets are ignored or unsupported pages are still readable and usable.
  • Clean XHTML ensures content is laid out in legible blocks. Group related elements are used where possible. All content is in it's own 'block'. Menus are lists to ensure differentiation, we use CSS to give them a design sense but they are still translated correctly. Making links out of the first-level list items will allow tab-stopping for readers who don't use pointing devices. With recent speech readers H is used to cycle through headings and shift + H to reverse. 1 is used to navigate to the first heading and 1 to 3 to navigate to the next level. Shift + 1 navigates in reverse.
  • We provide a table of contents as a site map.
  • Our XHTML and CSS clean code ensures that the tab order is always logical - try tabbing through a page.
  • The menu structure is clear but we have also added a skip-to-content link allowing the user to avoid repetitive menus.
  • A consistent style of presentation is used between pages.
  • The text size is set to Medium in Explorer. By going to Text Size in the View menu this can be adjusted. See image below;



Site development and accessibility coding by:

Flat Earth Communications Ltd

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