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Associate Artist Residency

Acme residencies are planned in advance in collaboration with our partners, we currently have no open opportunities.    

Associate Artist Residency (AAR)’s allow artists and organisations to work directly with Acme for one-off London residency opportunities for periods of one, two or three months. These residencies are tailored to suit the development and networking needs of international artists, allowing them to research, develop relationships and focus on their work in a supported environment.

The programme is open to visual artists, resident in any country outside of England. Residencies can be developed around a particular project or conceived of as networking and contacts focused. Please be aware that applicants to this programme need to be sponsored externally or source their own funding.

AAR Artists

2018 Residency Artists: Emma Howes and Nadia Myre

2017 Residency Artists: Kelly Lycan, Jessye Wdowin-McGregor, Daniel Cockburn

2016 Residency Artists: Tom Polo and Justine Varga


Dr Leslie Morgan

May 2016
Dr Leslie Morgan is a writer and painter concerned with race, diaspora, cultural hybridity and whiteness. He is the author of two books Illegal Action (2005), and The Significance of Diaspora Politics in the Visual Arts (2008). Morgan’s chapter on the work of Abdul Abdullah is published as part of Re-Imagining the City by Intellect books (2013).

His doctoral thesis, ‘The Significance of Diaspora Politics in the Visual Arts’ drew largely on 1980s Black British cultural politics.

During his residency Leslie intends to explore inter-generational differences between race and culture within the current British context, which will build on his existing collaborations with young migrant artists in Australia.

Dr Leslie Morgan’s Artist Mentors:

Lucy Davies, Director & Barby Asante, Associate Curator, 198 Gallery 
Sarah MacDougall, Curator, Ben Uri Gallery
Victoria Northridge, Collections Manager, Black Cultural Archives
Pamela Sepúlveda, Archivist, Whitechapel Gallery
Marta Weiss, Curator, Photographs Word & Image Department, Victoria and Albert Museum
Sarat Maharaj, writer, researcher, curator, and professor
Tom Green, Project Manager, Counterpoint arts & Platforma
Rasheed Araeen, Artist
Lainy Malkani, Director, Social History Hub
Renée Mussai, Curator & Head of Archive, Autograph ABP


Dr Vince Dziekan (Australia)

1 Nov 2015 - 29 Jan 2016

Dr Dziekan is Director of Graduate Research in Design at Monash Art Design and Architecture, Monash University, in Melbourne, Australia. His research focuses on the impact of digital technologies on curatorial design and the implications of virtuality on exhibition‐based practices. Complementing his academic research is his independent curatorial practice, through which he has produced media art exhibitions and initiated a number of exhibition platforms engaged at an international level. This includes collaborations and partnerships with the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia; FACT in Liverpool, UK and with networks such as Leonardo Electronic Almanac and Museums and the Web. During his residency Vince will be exploring contemporary and potential future approaches to research, curatorial practice and the creation of new narratives via the intersection of new technologies, audience and exhibition space.


Christiane Keys-Statham (Australia)

4 May - 29 May 2015

Curator Christiane Keys-Statham has a specific interested in curating outside of the traditional gallery space, facilitating commissions and developing projects that to respond to existing collections. In 2014 Christiane co-curated SafARI, an exhibition of 21 emerging artists over six venues in Sydney Australia, run as a fringe alternative to the Biennale of Sydney and she is currently employed as curator of Sculpture in the Vineyards, New South Wales, Australia.

Christiane’s one month professional development residency is intended to assist her ambitions of working with Australian and international artists to bring ambitious and innovative large-scale projects to fruition in Australia. Christiane will be spending her time in London and Bristol researching best practice artist commissioning in both cultural and non-cultural institutions, gaining an insight to the logistical and practical concerns surrounding large-scale commissioning and interacting with research, collections and archives.

Christiane’s residency was supported by the Ian Potter Cultural Trust, the Copyright Agency Career Fund, the NAVA Australian Artists’ Grant and her local council in Sydney, Burwood Council.


Karolina Halatek (Poland)

1 September - 31 October 2014

The main medium of Karolina Halatek’s practice is light. Through video and site-specific installations, Karolina explores the relationship between the visual and metaphysical spheres. In addition to her art practice, Karoline works as a set designer for film, working on various productions which premiered at Cannes, Camerimage and other film festivals.

Karolina has exhibited at the Centre of Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw, the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Light Move Festival, Fotofestiwal in Łódź, as well as in galleries in London, Berlin and across Poland.

Karolina graduated from the University of the Arts London in 2008 and the Faculty of Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 2011. She has also studied at the Universität der Künste Berlin (UdK), where she took part in workshops of the Institut für Raumexperimente under Olafur Eliasson.

Karolina received an artistic scholarship from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Poland and in 2014 was awarded the Adam Mickiewicz Institute London Residency in partnership with AIR Laboratory Ujazowski Castle managed by Acme Studios, International Residencies Programme, London.

Karolina Halatek's Artist Mentors:

David Batchelor, Artist
Rob Bowman, Head of Programmes and Production, Artangel
Dianne Harris, Director, Kinetica Art Fair
Robin Klassnik, Director, Matt’s Gallery
Cliff Lauson, Curator, Hayward Gallery
Laurent Louyer, Creative Director, Creatmosphere


Matthew Hunt (Australia)

1 July – 29 August 2014

Matthew Hunt's ( Artist Mentors:

Marianne Forrest, Co-Director, Auto Italia South East
Hannah Hooks & Laura McFarlane, Directors, Space In Between
Mark Jackson, Curator, IMT Gallery
Cliff Lauson, Curator, Hayward Gallery
Paul Luckraft, Exhibitions Curator, Zabludowicz Collection
Milika Muritu, Co-founder & Director, Cell
Pieternel Vermoortel, Indepenent Curator
Axel Wieder, Curator of Exhibitions, Arnolfini


Kelly Fliedner (Australia)

14 April – 04 July 2014

Kelly Fliedner is an independent curator and writer, and previous Program Curator of West Space, a contemporary art organisation in Melbourne, Australia. She has a particular interest in experimental music and interdisciplinary artistic practices.

Kelly is also the co-editor of online project the West Space Journal, which is a dynamic publication that exploits its online nature by commissioning media-rich content by local and international artists to generate critical commentary and discussion regarding independent contemporary art projects and practice in Australia and beyond.

During her residency Kelly plans to embed herself within London’s artistic communities, learning about artists and organisations from London (and the UK more broadly) to produce a special edition of the West Space Journal. Rather than interrogating Australia’s place within the international context, Kelly seeks to develop ongoing and meaningful relationships with organisations and artists from London in order to create future exhibition and publication exchange possibilities.

Kelly Fliedner's Artist Mentors:

Kate Cooper, Co-Director, Auto Italia South East
Joyce Cronin, Manager, Afterall
Matt Roberts, Director, Matt Roberts Arts
Holly Willats, Director, Artlicks


Elizabeth Woods and Kevin Leong (Australia)

13 January – 21 February 2014

The focus of the artists’ time in London is the expansion and continuation of 'The Homesickness Project' an umbrella under which the artists will produce public events and exhibitions over several years across Australia and in Europe. As part of their London residency Elizabeth and Kevin will meet with artists and organisations interested in working with them on the project. The central concept of the project is to use "homesickness" as a point of departure for making work about how people fit (or do not fit) into their environments.

The core of Elizabeth Wood's practice draws upon a hypothesis that the connection of people and their everyday activities, although often tenuous, is directly related to what binds communities together. Methodologies employed have included situational observations, collections of stories, living in situ, performance-based activities, video, art in situ and permanent and temporary commissioned public art works.

Kevin Leong's practice spans two divergent streams: one is sensory/aesthetic and the other conceptual/situational. Both are predominantly site-specific. Leong's conceptual works typically address social problems. For these, Leong proposes and executes imaginary solutions that are ridiculous but oddly plausible - the works function both as a form of pure, independent research and a critique of the environment in which they were created.

Elizabeth Woods and Kevin Leong's Artist Mentors:

Rob Bowman, Head of Programmes and Production, Artangel
Emily Druiff, Director, Peckham Platform
Claire Feeley, Producer, Situations
Rebeca French & Andrew Mottershead, Artists
Kathy Noble, Artists and Programmes Curator, Wysing Arts Centre
Matt Roberts, Director, Matt Roberts Arts
Louise Shelley, Collaborative Programmes Curator, The Showroom


Virginia Bradley (USA)

2 September 2013 – 29 November 2013

Virginia Bradley is simultaneously a traveller, collector and observer. Images from the natural world and observed cultures are often source. The use of printmaking and mixed media in her painting practice creates a dialogue between the printed image, the natural handmade mark and the alchemy of disparate materials, serving to question the history, origin, meaning and authenticity of the image.

During her London residency Virginia pursued a series of large-scale works on kahdi paper based on research conducted in the archives of the London Zoological Society, the Natural History Museum and the Victoria & Albert  Museum.

The main focus of Virginia’s residency was to seek critical feedback and discussion about her work, and to gain an understanding of current art practice in London. She concluded her residency with an exhibition at the Acme Project Space in Bethnal Green during December 2013.

Virginia Bradley Artist Mentors:

Ziba Ardalan, Director, Parasol Unit
Lucy Newman Cleeve, Director, Man&Eve Gallery
Rebecca Hicks, Director, Purdy Hicks
Tony Pantone, Managing Director, Albemarle Gallery
Matt Roberts, Director, Matt Roberts Arts


Veronica Caven Aldous (Australia)

2 April 2013 - 26 April 2013

'I am interested in phenomenological experience. My floor-based installations are exhibited in dark space with the emphasis on the beauty and the spatial effect of coloured light. The source of the light is usually toys, bike lights, low voltage light box screens and recycled light fittings – it is obvious and low-tech. The intent is to play with the idea of stimulating diverse contemporary metaphors of light. The individual pieces have no obvious narrative. The light used is not a large immersion experience but is more playful and ambiguous in form and intent. The light often slowly changes in colour, creating a sense of flux with an artificial reference to sunrises and sunsets.

'Recently I have focused on aligning my works with the true cardinal points on the floor, to subvert the actual architecture and reference a building space that acknowledges the real position of the sun; setting up a passive solar space within the current space (see Images 1-4 below). Playing with artificial light objects has generated a growing interest in real light and our relationship to the sun.'

Veronica Aldous Artist Mentors:

Dianne Harris, Director, Kinetica
Cliff Lauson, Curator, Hayward Gallery
Laurent Louyer, Creative Director, Creatmosphere 
David Ogle, Artist
Nathaniel Rackowe, Artist


Caitlin Yardley (Australia)

3 September 2012 - 26 October 2012

Caitlin completed an MA (Visual Arts) at Edith Cowan University, Perth in 2007. In 2011, she received an International Post-Graduate Scholarship through Goldsmiths to complete a Master of Fine Arts. Her work was recently showcased in the Goldsmiths Master of Fine Arts Degree Show in July 2012. Her studies were supported through an Ian Potter Cultural Trust Grant; the Australia Cultural Fund through the Australian Business Arts Foundation; the AMA Foundation; and Wesfarmers. Caitlin’s forthcoming residency is supported by a fellowship from the Western Australian Department of Culture and the Arts.

Caitlin has exhibited throughout Australia and overseas since 2004, including her recent solo project 'An Intimate Distance' at Venn Gallery, Perth. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions, and projects at spaces including Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts; Monash University, Melbourne; Andara Gallery, Jakarta; Fremantle Arts Centre; and Artrage, Perth.

Caitlin explains: 'My current work takes the form of installations involving painting, sculptural objects, and documents. Through the collision and proximity between things, I am looking to admit the complexities of historical materials and their forces. I am interested in working with history as not only retrospective but as rooted in and affecting a current situation/existence.'

'I am interested in the point where subjective experience breaks from the universal. I see myself as a condition for this work, and the work is a simulacrum of my current cultural and geographical context. This series draws various histories, including my own, into the work, with the intention to alter and diverge the distances between ideological surfaces.'

Caitlin Yardley Artist Mentors:

Karen Alexander Freelance Curator and Senior Tutor, Curating Contemporary Art, Royal College of Art
Danielle Arnaud, Director, Danielle Arnaud Gallery
Honor Beddard, Curator, Freud Museum
Rose Le Jeune, Freelance Curator
Matt Roberts, Director, Matt Roberts Arts
Soraya Rodriguez, Freelance Curator


John Mateer (Australia)

2 April 2012 - 29 June 2012

Arts writer and critic John Mateer was the inaugural recipient of the Australia Council for the Arts London arts writer residency. John has published several collections of poems. Barefoot Speech won the 2001 C. J. Dennis Prize for Poetry and Loanwords was shortlisted for the 2002 Western Australian Premier’s Book Awards. He was also a recipient of the Centenary Medal for his contributions to Australian literature. Mateer was granted a fellowship to travel to Indonesia and later published a non-fiction travelogue entitled Semar’s Cave: an Indonesian Journal. His latest publications are a book of poems about the Portuguese Empire, Southern Barbarians and a selection from more than a decade’s work, Elsewhere.

John's residency included panel discussion, 'There is no global' on 30 May featuring invited Australian artists in conversation about the current economic climate for Australian artists abroad, made possible through collaboration with The Menzies Centre for Australian Studies and Goodenough College. 

John Mateer Panel Discussion:

Deej Fabyc, Artist
Dr Ian Henderson (Chair) The Menzies Centre for Australian Studios, Kings College London
Paul Knight, Artist
Katrina Schwarz, Curator
Christian Thompson, Artist


Vishwa Shroff (India)

14 December 2011 - 14 March 2012

Vishwa Shroff has a multifaceted practice. Working primarily from diaries and sketchbooks, she constantly observes her environment, often focusing on the mundane and trivial to explore the idiosyncrasies that are particular to each environment she inhabits. Her drawings and writings reveal stories of her everyday encounters of life with an edge of fun and absurdity.

A geographical magpie, Vishwa has previously studied art in India and the United Kingdom (where she also trained as a Cordon Bleu chef), lived in the United States of America and participated in artistic residencies in India, Japan and France.

During her time in London, Vishwa explored London's nooks and crannies, our way of life and the peculiarities of our language. Her residency culminated in an exhibition 'One Eye! Two Eyes! Three Eyes!' at the Acme Project Space from 1-11 March 2012.

Vishwa Shroff Artist Mentors:

Karen Alexander, Freelance Curator and Senior Tutor, Curating Contemporary Art, Royal College of Art
Mark Jackson, Curator, IMT Gallery
Cathy Lomax, Director, Transmission Gallery
Matt Roberts, Director, Matt Roberts Arts


Keith H. Doyle and Evann Siebens (Canada)

3 May 2011 - 27 May 2011

Although both artists have individual practices their residency in London concerned their collaborative film work. A former dancer and dance filmmaker Evann is a media artist, concerned with translating three-dimensional movement to the screen while Keith’s sculptural and design approach is concerned with capitalising on associative meaning in images and design objects. Recent collaborative projects include; 'containR' – a mobile film festival housed in two stacked, customised shipping containers as part of Vancouver’s 2009 Winter Olympics Cultural Olympiad and 'IcarusCar' a collaborative 3-channel media sculptural installation which explores the myth of Icarus and Molt Taylor’s flying Aerocar.

The focus of this residency was to meet peers, curators and fellow artists to discuss media art developments, to locate the artists' practice within a London context and research for future projects. During the residency the artists exhibited 'IcarusCar' at Hotshoe Gallery, London EC1N.

Evann Siebens & Keith Doyle Artist Mentors:

Paul Bayley, Director, The Florence Trust
Benjamin Cook, Director, LUX
Mark Nash, Head of Programme, Curating Contemporary Art, Royal College of Art
Kirsty Ogg, Curator, Whitechapel Gallery
Katrina Schwarz, Curator Visual Arts, British Council

A Brown Man Asks A Black Man Which Way by Dr Les Morgan

A Brown Man Asks A Black Man Which Way by Dr Les Morgan

Recent exhibition by Tom Polo

Recent exhibition by Tom Polo

'Enter Me' by Karolina Halatek

Gallery tour for Acme IRP artists

Gallery tour for Acme IRP artists

'Dirty Pools' by Matthew Hunt at the Acme Project Space. Photo: The artist (2014)

'Dirty Pools' by Matthew Hunt at the Acme Project Space. Photo: The artist (2014)

 'There's going to be a wedding' by Elizabeth Woods and Kevin Leong

'There's going to be a wedding' by Elizabeth Woods and Kevin Leong

'Light in Space 5' by Veronica Caven Aldous. Photo: The Artist (2012)

'Light in Space 5' by Veronica Caven Aldous. Photo: The Artist (2012)

'One eye! Two eyes! Three eyes!' by Vishwa Shroff

'One eye! Two eyes! Three eyes!' by Vishwa Shroff

'IcarusCar' at the Hotshoe Gallery, Evann Siebens & Keith Doyle, 2011

'IcarusCar' at the Hotshoe Gallery, Evann Siebens & Keith Doyle, 2011

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