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'Cold Storage Memories' by Isa Suarez

This is an audio-documentary about Cold Storage, a sound studio space located in Acme Studios Acre Lane studios in Brixton between 1976 and 1996.

The audio stories include:

  • testimonies by two legendary composers who were using the Cold Storage studios at the time: Charles Hayward and David Cunningham
  • musical extracts and full tracks which were recorded and produced at Cold Storage by the two composers

This piece was produced by composer Isa Suarez. It includes spoken word, field recordings and original music as well as a sketch map of Cold Storage Studios drawn by David Cunningham.

Many thanks to Charles Hayward and David Cunningham for sharing their memories.

Also thanks to William Raban for the transcript of the interview with Charles Hayward from his film ’72-82’ which can be found in the 'Further Reading' section at the bottom of the page.


Exterior of Acre Lane, SW2. Image: John Riddy (1990)

Exterior of Acre Lane, SW2. Image: John Riddy (1990)

Map of Acre lane by David Cunningham (2014)

Map of Acre lane by David Cunningham (2014)


1. A meat factory

2. Binaural recording in the yard

3. David's projects at Cold Storage

4. Ghost Dance and The Cold Room

5. Health and Efficiency

6. 'Health and Efficiency' (extract)

7. Out in the yard From the yard and music for a barbecue

8. ext.night

9. 'Out in the yard' (original track)

10. 'From the Yard' (original track)

11. Rent and studio name's origin

12. Siouxie popped in one day

13. The snare drum in 'Money' by The Flying Lizards

14. This Heat and David Cunningham

15. This Heat split and Camberwell Now band

16. 'Spirit Of Dunkirk' [from Meridian]

17. 'Green Lantern' [from The Ghost Trade]

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