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The Look Book (31 days of cat hair in 31 different styles), 2016 by Alex Frost
The Look Book (31 days of cat hair in 31 different styles), 2016 by Alex Frost


To celebrate the work of artists on our Fire Station Work/Live Programme 5 (2015-2020), throughout each month of 2016 will feature a different artist on this ground-breaking programme.

In 2015 we featured pieces from recent graduates on a range of award programmes including Adrian Carruthers Studio Award, Chelsea Studio Award, CSM Associate Studio Programme, Goldsmiths Studio Award and the Helen Scott Lidgett Studio Award.

As 2014 was the final year of our Fire Station Work/Live Programme 4 (2012-2015), each month we featured a work by one of the 12 Fire Station artists who benefitted from this important and supportive scheme.

From January 2013, twelve works commissioned from current Acme artists, featured on our Home Page. The works, including new or already existing pieces, each connected in some way to what we do and/or to our 40th Anniversary and include a range of formats, from painting and photography to video and sound.



May - Alex Frost

Alex Frost's work is currently on show in the exhibition THE SHIFT at Flat Time House ( and good things come... at The Gallery Plymouth College of Art (

April - Samantha Donnelly

‘Autotext’, 2016, is part of a series of prints exploring the construction of image, text, histories and consumption.

From 8 to 26 April, she will be showing new work in ‘Semi-Gloss, Semi-Permeable’, part of Glasgow International:

March - Lucy Woodhouse

AWOL (Lamassu) 2016

Lucy Woodhouse works across a variety of media including online technologies, live broadcast, photography, digital media, sculpture and performance.  She has recently shown work at Focal Point Gallery, Southend and the Material Art Fair, Mexico


February - Richard Healy

"Decorative, functional and emblematic - glassware is a repeating motif in my practise. Often these objects serve as a counterweight to the architectural works that I produce. I often think of them as anchors whose function is to cue up possible narratives or introduce certain personalities that inhabit the spaces I build. The glass surface also reflects so much of the digital technology that I deploy, so much so it feels almost fetishistic." Richard Healy

Forthcoming solo exhibitions include LRRH_, Cologne and Tenderpixel, London (both 2016)


January - Leah Capaldi

The crossover area between the disciplines of sculpture and performance are of particular interest to Leah Capaldi’s practice, with echoes of seminal performance work of the late 1960s and early 1970s. She explores the relationship between object or subject, encouraging the audience to question themselves in relation to the work and playing with notions of surveillance and spectatorship.

Forthcoming solo exhibitions include Matt's Gallery and Parasol Unit, both 2016.



December - Chris Ifould

"Often concerned with the image of practicality and basing use not solely on primary function but on the secondary properties of objects. Animation has been a test bed for work without the environmental precarity and where scale and movement can be manipulated."
Chris Ifould (2015) CSM Associate Studio Programme


November - Sean Lavelle

Chrome Spread on Pleather
Sean Lavelle (2015) CSM Associate Studio Programme


October - Aaron Wells

"A Hotel a Labyrinth interrogates what it is to exist in a place, whether that place be physically real, digital or imagined. Dealing with themes of allegory, passivity and unfounded optimism, the film explores problems attached to the contemporary fantasy of ‘the good life."
Aaron Wells (2015) Chelsea Studio Award.


September - Milou van der Maaden

Milou van der Maaden is the current Adrian Carruthers Studio Award artist. She is currently (2-20 September) exhibiting in Spite of the Mass at the Acme Project Space, an ongoing project by dealing with immigration politics and national image-making in the Netherlands. The exhibition presents fragments of Milou’s new project, and its surrounding research, through a focus on biopolitical struggles and the agency of resistance.


August - Tilly Shiner

"Produced over a year through a series of workshops and filming in the studio, the work is a score or proposal for a film in which a man literally becomes an image, a bizarre evolution into a human-photograph.

The project departs from the premise of a rare condition called 'argyria' which is the result of ingesting or over-exposure to silver nitrate.* This causes a purely aesthetic affliction, where the skin and organs turn a silver-blue colour, when exposed to light, much like when a photograph is exposed.

The film uses this idea of body as image in an extreme sense, through a protagonist who literally ‘becomes’ a photograph, and suffers the possibility of a life measured by light and time.

*Silver nitrate is a photosensitive compound used in film stock pre-1950. It was once known as ‘lunar caustic’ as alchemists believed that silver was associated with the moon."
Tilly Shiner (2015) CSM Associate Studio Programme.


July - Piotr Krzymowski

Working across the mediums of moving-image, paper collage and object-based installations, Piotr Krzymowski continuously and repetitiously explores ideas surrounding found-footage and discovers its potential narrative(s) as well as desires that found-footage is (un)able to satisfy.
Piotr Krzymowski (2015) CSM Associate Studio Programme.


June - Nikhil Vettukattil

stack effect - factory and traffic exhaust fumes, air currents, density, moisture, and concrete.
HD Digital Video fragment (2014).
Nikhal Vettukattil (2015) CSM Associate Studio Programme.


May - Emma Corrall

"Objects and the things we make can become strangely totalized entities, things that are so over touched and so forced into an unlocatable space. The notion of the outlandish takes over from the security of the individual from the rational to the imagined in my video work The idea of self-awareness crosses both my material and conceptual pursuits. Video plays the role of tableau for an expanded material field to circulate.  The sense of the exotic is used as a tool to measure the self against, the sense of the other."
Emma Corrall (2015) Helen Scott Lidgett Studio Award


April - Cameron Scott

"Test 3 X is a screen recording of myself on Google maps, moving over the desert in Abu Dhabi."
Cameron Scott (2015) CSM Associate Studio Programme


March - Lydia Davies

"My work is concerned with the photographic image as a negotiable construct; in relation to the notion of a support, its form, materiality and the inference of the viewer. The term 'photography' slips and diverges, it encompasses a diverse history of image-making processes; these continue to be developed, perpetually expanding the perception of its meaning.

"This work assembles reciprocating relationships (in looking, in surface, in form), which extend and retract, repeat and reflect, in a circle of sorts."
Lydia Davies (2015) CSM Associate Studio Programme


February - Asta Meldal Lynge

"Lobbies is a short film that examines the architectural space of the lobby and its role defining interior and exterior as well as private and public space. Shot between January and March 2012 in both London and New York, the film looks at contemporary 'global' architecture and our experience of this through the lens of the camera. The film ruminates on the citing of technology in architecture and also in the process of filmmaking as a way of understanding the phenomena of verticality and power in an urban environment.

Being part of the CSM Associate Studio Programme has allowed me to continue and develop my practice in London. Working in a shared space with other artists nurtures a critical dialogue and raises relevant questions around the production of work and negotiation of space in the studio. More than anything the programme presents a sustainable, flexible and honest way into the outside world for young practitioners that have recently left art school."
Asta Meldal Lynge (2015)


January - Cynthia Cruz

"My work examines the effect of altering images and video footage on social media sites. The sources for the imagery range from legitimate news sites, mock news sites or viral footage. The imagery that accompanies these stories is at times grotesque or downright hilarious. Some of these themes range from rare diseases, crime scenes and UFO abductions, as well as people’s odd behavior for Internet fame.

I mediate the original source by using digital media software, collage, painting and video by which the image is then decontextualised. The result is a work that either overthrows the seriousness of the content or the opposite; by instilling a menacing tone to an inane subject matter. By exploiting the chaotic nature of social media I create a new reality triggered by my anxieties caused by the saturation of media."

Cynthia Cruz is the 2014/15 Goldsmiths MFA Studio Award artist.



December - David Osbaldeston

David Osbaldeston's work is part of a new series which place objects and the language used to describe them in collision or direct confrontation suggesting imperfect relations between personal judgement, commonly held beliefs, and universal values. This effect provides a dryly humorous discrepancy between systems of description and their relationship to the world. 


November - George Charman

Artichoke House is a pavilion inspired by an unsigned architectural plan by Edward James, founder of the Edward James Foundation and West Dean College.

Working from James’s original design, whilst also drawing inspiration from the concrete forms in Las Pozas, George Charman’s Artichoke House is concerned with reviewing and renewing a surreal proposition as a means of exploring the ontological relationship between image and object.

Artichoke House is currently on exhibition in the gardens at West Dean College. This project was realised with support from Art Council England ‘Grants for the Arts’.


October - Michelle Ussher

'With the help of Huw Hallam, I transformed one of my short stories into a 10 minute opera sung by Daniel Sinsel and Tom Woolner, wearing costumes I also designed and made. The opera is based on a surreal psychological romance between two eyeballs, and the singers act as the psyche of the two sculptures, titled respectively Camilla and Ugo. The opera was originally performed at Gimpel Fils on the 29th July 2014. however this recording was re-staged on the 30th August thanks to Gasworks, London.'
Michelle Ussher (2014)


September - Briony Anderson

'My work explores the Western tradition of landscape representation as a way of investigating the evolving relations between actual, depicted, imagined and idealised landscape. The works often take historical paintings as their starting point from which figures, or traces of human presence are erased. In appropriating images as sources, the traditions and tropes of landscape painting, rather than the observed "natural world", provide the means to reconsider the subject of landscape. I am currently working on a commission for The University of Aberdeen for which sections from a historical landscape painting from their collection form the starting point.'
Briony Anderson (2014)


August - Sara MacKillop

'This is a preparatory work for a pop-up book to be included in the exhibition Everything is about to Happen curated by Gregorio Magnani at Artist's Space in September.'
Sara MacKillop (2014)


July - Geraldine Swayne

'I work mainly in enamel on metal. The pictures are small, because I like the idea of people taking pictures with them in a pocket when they travel, so that they can be taken out and looked at it anytime. The subject matter is always portraiture. I paint anything that catches my eye for some reason, but usually I paint people who are "giving off" something mysterious or who are displaying in some way for the camera, not overtly, but in a self-conscious and uncomfortable way.' Geraldine Swayne (2014)


June - Dan Coopey

'Over the past year I have been developing the Ooins series. Ooins VII, shown here continues this system, generating the digital image from a scan of an ancient Greek coin. Earlier works using the same coin were materialised as largescale prints for 'ReMap4' in Athens, Greece.' Dan Coopey (2014)


May - Jonathan Baldock

Jonathan Baldock's sculptural installation of felt, knitted and ceramic sculptures, corn dolly masks and wall prints at Wysing Arts Centre (2013), exploring themes of ritual and the carnivalesque, that culminated in a collaborative performance with Dog Hill Kennel Projects using the objects and costumes from the exhibition. 


April - We Colonised The Moon (Sue Corke and Hagen Betzwieser)

For six weeks in August and September 2011 Hagen Betzwieser (Germany) and Sue Corke (UK) set up a laboratory at the Acme Project Space in Bethnal Green, London.

March - Robin Footitt

Robin Footitt's exhibition Closed Circuit Saga at Edel Assanti ran from on 19 March until 3 May 2014.


February - Matthew Noel-Tod

Matthew Noel-Tod’s 'A Season in Hell 3D' was shown at Banner Repeater. It explored the spectacle and its contemporary forms, from the whimsical innocence of childlike animation to the apocalyptic sci-fi blockbuster.


January - Emma Smith

Public Domestic is a life size board game, by artist Emma Smith, that creates a meeting point for the negotiation of difference.

Public Domestic plays with our perceptions and understanding of social constructs and the nature of the individual as they are assimilated into a collective way of living. Modeled on the aesthetics of kitchen floor tiles, the giant board game creates a framework for people to meet one another based on acknowledging individual differences rather than seeking commonality.



December - Anne Bristow 

Anne Bristow studied Fine Art (graphic design) at Reading University 1961-65. She worked as a graphic designer for a number of companies and taught graphic design in several London art schools. She studied Fine Art (painting and sculpture) at Central Saint Martins and graduated in 1999. She has been a practising artist since then and her paintings have been selected for a number of group shows. She has had a studio at Childers Street since 2010.


November - Helena Ben-Zenou

Helena Ben-Zenou moved into Orsman Road studios in 2003 after completing a residency at Acme’s Fire Station and a short time in Acme's studios at Robinson Road. As well as teaching roles in Higher Education, she has undertaken a variety of residencies, projects and exhibitions both nationally and internationally, has won a number of awards and has work in public collections including Walsall Art gallery and Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery.


October - Eleanor Bowen

Eleanor Bowen is a visual artist and writer. She has an Acme studio share at Childers Street, and is a short courses tutor and associate lecturer at Chelsea College, University of the Arts London.

September - Andrew Seto

Andrew Seto has a studio at Copperfield Road. "My practice contemplates notions of interiority and exteriority, mostly through drawing and painting. The title of my drawing ‘Builder’ refers to the building and construction motifs in the image. It also alludes to the personal notion of the artist as practitioner, or ‘builder’. There’s an obvious parallel connection to Acme’s work developing and providing artists’ studios, with particular reference to my studio at Copperfield Road which is a constant in my life. Whereas this work on paper presents a pictorial space, my studio is a physical space where the resolution of practice (thought, experimentation, work) is able to take place."


August - Anna Moderato

Anna Moderato completed her BA at Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2011 when she was awarded the Chelsea Studio Award and took up a one-year residency at Acme’s Childers Street Studios. She had her first solo show at the Acme Project Space in 2012 and will be starting her MA at the Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi in Copenhagen this year.


July - Miyuki Kasahara

Miyuki Kasahara moved into the Trapex studio at Orsman Road, Hackney in December 2009 as her previous (non-Acme) studio located on the other side of the Regents canal was to be demolished and turned into luxury flats.

Miyuki’s concerns include mapping, migration, collecting memories, cross-cultural myths, hidden histories and political issues. Miyuki often involves the public in forming the final work; the outcome of research a combination of sculpture, installation and performance.


June - Helen Barff

Helen Barff has a studio at the Galleria in Peckham. Residencies include Greatmore Studios, Cape Town through Gasworks Gallery, London and the Triangle Arts Trust.  Recent exhibitions include ‘Things from the Thames’, Bearspace, London, ‘Trident Way’, Departure Gallery, London, ‘Brood’, Bend in the River, Gainsborough and site-specific projects include ‘Route 12:36, South London Gallery, London Transport.


May - Yukako Shibata

Yukako Shibata has had a studio at Harrow Road since it opened in 2010. Her work involves painting on sculptural forms and she exhibited recent work at Lightgallery, London, W2 in July 2013.


April - Cathie Pilkington

Cathie Pilkington was born in Manchester in 1968. She studied Silversmithing at Edinburgh College of Art 1986-1991 and completed her MA in Sculpture at the RCA in 1997. Previously she occupied Acme studios in Childers Street and currently works at Robinson Road studios.


March - John Hooper

John Hooper has a studio at Copperfield Road. He previously had an Acme studio at Carpenters Road which used to be on the site of the London 2012 Aquatics Centre. He has work in public and private collections in Britain, France, Canada and the USA.


February - Charlie Yetton

Charlie Yetton has a studio at 3a Rowse Close. He makes video, installation and performance work. He investigates the disconnect between reality and fiction attempting to blur the boundary between them. In some works he has used science fiction along with our common understanding of film language and genres. For mor.e information see 'February 2013 - Cave' in Further Reading on the right


January - Ed Gray

Ed Gray has a studio at Copperfield Road, E3. His work explores the modern city in all its guises. Walking city streets with sketchbook and pencil in hand Gray takes his inspiration from the real life he encounters. 'Mile End Beginning' is about arriving at work for the day in the summer. I'm optimistic and full of ideas after walking from my home in Rotherhithe through the streets of London. For more information see 'January 2013 - Mile End Beginning' in Further Reading on the right.

Jock McFadyen RA

To start the series we featured a drawing previously commissioned from Jock McFadyen as the cover for our publication ACME, A Service Organisation for Artists, PROSPECTUS 1984. Jock had a house with us in Turners Road, E3 for 18 years and his approach to the commission was to reflect on those activities which quite typically occurred in Acme short-life houses throughout East London and beyond at that time.

Jock McFadyen RA was born in Paisley in 1950 and lives and works in London, Edinburgh and France. He describes himself as a realist and has had over 40 solo exhibitions, including the National Gallery residency show in 1982 and the Fleming Collection in 2012. Jock was asked for a few words of commentary which can be found on the right in 'Memory Lane'.


Autotext by Samantha Donnelly

Autotext by Samantha Donnelly

AWOL (Lamassu) 2016 by Lucy Woodhouse

AWOL (Lamassu) 2016 by Lucy Woodhouse

Studio by Leah Capaldi

Animation by Chris Ifould

'Chrome Spread on Pleather' by Sean Lavelle

'Chrome Spread on Pleather' by Sean Lavelle

A Hotel, A Labyrinth by Aaron Wells, 2015

REHEARSAL I by Milou van der Maaden

RG Area (rehearsal) by Tilly Shiner

16 x 16 by Piotr Krzymowski

stack effect - factory and traffic exhaust fumes, air currents, density, moisture, and concrete by Nikhil Vettukattil.

Test 3X by Cameron Scott

Antinode by Lydia Davies

Lobbies by Asta Meldal Lynge

Voice of an Angel by Cynthia Cruz

excerpt from a metaphysical desk tidy Digital print, 2014. Courtesy David Osbaldeston and Matt's Gallery.

excerpt from a metaphysical desk tidy Digital print, 2014. Courtesy David Osbaldeston and Matt's Gallery.

Artichoke House by George Charman (2014), A site-specific pavilion in the gardens of West Dean Estate

Artichoke House by George Charman (2014), A site-specific pavilion in the gardens of West Dean Estate

A Song of Two Eyeballs by Michelle Ussher with Huw Hallam, Daniel Sinsel & Tom Woolner

Briony Anderson Studio / Works in process, 2014. (Photo: Piero Parisi)

Briony Anderson Studio / Works in process, 2014. (Photo: Piero Parisi)

Preparatory work for a pop-up book by Sara MacKillop

Preparatory work for a pop-up book by Sara MacKillop

They Found Each Other1 by Geraldine Swayne

They Found Each Other1 by Geraldine Swayne

Ooins VII by Dan Coopey

Ooins VII by Dan Coopey

A strange cross between a butcher's Shop and a night club by Jonathan Baldock at Wysing Arts Centre (2013)

A strange cross between a butcher's Shop and a night club by Jonathan Baldock at Wysing Arts Centre (2013)

Compilation of recent work by We Colonised The Moon

Yellow Moon by Robin Footitt

Yellow Moon by Robin Footitt

Recent animation by Matthew Noel-Tod

Recent animation by Matthew Noel-Tod

Public Domestic by Emma Smith, Radar, 2013. Photograph courtesy of Julian Hughes.

Public Domestic by Emma Smith, Radar, 2013. Photograph courtesy of Julian Hughes.

Untitled 7, Series 2 by Anne Bristow

Untitled 7, Series 2 by Anne Bristow

Bridge II by Helena Ben-Zenou

Bridge II by Helena Ben-Zenou

Drawing the studio (work in progress) by Eleanor Bowen. Film by Juanan Eguiguren

Builder by Andrew Seto, 2011, oil paint, marker pen, collage on paper, 15 x 19.5cm

Builder by Andrew Seto, 2011, oil paint, marker pen, collage on paper, 15 x 19.5cm

Boll - Studio 99, 100 and 101 by Anna Moderato

Squirrel Gymnastics by Miyuki Kasahara

Studio photograms by Helen Barff

Colour of Shadow by Yukako Shibata (2012), oil on found plastic objects, mdf, 42x52 cm

Potter Pig by Cathie Pilkington. Photo: Graham Challifour

Potter Pig by Cathie Pilkington. Photo: Graham Challifour

To Rhapsody by Harrison Birtwhistle by John Hooper

To Rhapsody by Harrison Birtwhistle by John Hooper

CAVE by Charlie Yetton

Mile End Beginning by Ed Gray, 140x120cm, acrylic, chalk and charcoal on canvas

Mile End Beginning by Ed Gray, 140x120cm, acrylic, chalk and charcoal on canvas

Cover for publication 'ACME, A Service Organisation for Artists, PROSPECTUS 1984' by Jock McFadyen

Cover for publication 'ACME, A Service Organisation for Artists, PROSPECTUS 1984' by Jock McFadyen

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