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Sculpture-Performance: Acme Artists Now
Part Two: Saturday 17 May 2014, 2pm-6pm
<i>Sculpture-Performance: Acme Artists Now</i>, 15 March 2014. SAG (Single Action Group)
Sculpture-Performance: Acme Artists Now, 15 March 2014. SAG (Single Action Group)

Part Two of Sculpture-Performance: Acme Artists Now will take place at High House Production Park on 17 May between 2pm and 6pm. 

Anne Bean  -  Steve Beresford & Alan Tomlinson  -  Brian Catling  -  Chana Dubinski  -  Tina Keane  -  Kate Mahony

Events will happen at various locations across the Park. Visitors should meet at The Stephen Cripps Studio, Studio 005, High House Artists' Studios, High House Production Park, Purfleet, Essex, RM19 1AS. No booking required.

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Sculpture-Performance: Acme Artists Now is a series of events exploring the interface between performance and sculpture, drawing on the work of artists who showed at The Acme Gallery (1976-1981).

Between March and June 2014, three events will feature new work from artists who showed at The Acme Gallery or whose work was influenced by it. The curators and producers of this project, Aaron Williamson and Kate Mahony, will also contribute new work along with other collaborators.

Aaron Williamson is the recipient of the Stephen Cripps' Studio Award at High House Artists' Studios. Sculpture-Performance complements Aaron's public work, The Living Studio, an ongoing piece which sees the studio as the work and Aaron as its operative, creating transient sculptural works through performative processes.

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