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Sandra Lane at BEARSPACE
Oh worship the tree worm! (For that's all that there is)

BEARSPACE | 152 Deptford High Street | SE8 3PQ
06.09.13 – 27.09.13 | Wed – Sat | 10am-6pm
PRIVATE VIEW: FRIDAY 05.09.14 | 6.30pm-8.30pm


Oh worship the tree worm! (For that’s all that there is) at BEARSPACE in Deptford marks the first solo exhibition of Sandra Lane, the 2013/2014 Camberwell Studio Award recipient.

Lane’s practice encompasses elements of sculpture, drawing and painting. This exhibition will present a series of sculptural forms alongside corresponding iPad drawings. Investigating microscopic botanical and biological forms normally viewed through a lens, Lane expands these forms to become crumbling, powdery, wobbling objects lumbered with gravity like larger, more familiar, terrestrials. These structures seem to harbour the same watercolour tints and balletic aspirations of the microscopic forms, yet at the same time remain too impractical to withstand the transition to our gravity.

This exhibition will also explore Lane’s preoccupation with the notion of futile feet, like the pseudopodia (false feet) that the shape-shifting amoeba puts out to make a foolish leg from its jelly body, or the pointless foot of the snail that takes it nowhere fast. Lane, again, solidifies these forms so they become anthropomorphic in their scale and shape, yet they seem to teeter on the edge of collapse to become at once optimistic, absurd and sad.

The Camberwell Studio Award, a joint initiative between Camberwell College of Arts and Acme Studios forms part of Acme’s Residency & Awards Programme, aimed at supporting recent graduates at a critical point in their career.  The Award includes a shared rent-free studio for 12 months, 100 access hours to college facilities, professional development and a bursary of £2,500 funded by Acme. Sandra Lane is the third recipient of the award.

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