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International Residencies Programme
Emile Barret - LLIASIONS

Vyner Street Gallery
23 Vyner St, London, E2 9DG

Monday 1 December to Sunday 7 December - 11am to 6pm
First Thursday (4 December) Performance at 7pm, open until 11pm


Emile Barret is currently undertaking a six-month London residency funded by the Swiss Federal Office of Culture (BAK), awarded as part of the 2013 Swiss Design Awards. During his London residency Emile has undertaken a series of intensive short-term studio collaborations with a wide range of visiting practitioners. The resulting work, comprising photography, video-games, installation, films, performance, sound and sculpture, and the work’s continued development, form the content of this evolving week-long exhibition marking the conclusion of Emile’s residency.

Collaborations with: Philippe-Albert Lefevbre & Ana Varela - Nadine & Bruno - Maya Rochat - Florian Luthy - Florence Jung & Nicolas Leuba - Fabrice Schneider - Romain Mader - EGGPLANT - Julien Grémaud - K3.14COUZ - Raphaël Faure - Félix Salasca & Ali-eddine Abdelkhalek - Baptiste Gratzmuller

Daily events (free, no need to book):

  • Monday 1 December - Power is a Boring Point curated by Madeleine Amsler, 6pm (canadian buffet)
  • Tuesday 2 December - SADE WAS DEAD TODAY Pre-Concert by (Music for) EGGPLANT, 6pm
  • Wednesday 3 December - Chilling Time Together
  • First Thursday 4 December - Is it an OPENING? (Music for) EGGPLANT in concert at 7pm, eat & drink for you fellas, 11am to 11pm
  • Friday 5 December - Surprises Sometimes
  • Saturday 6 December - Open-Jam-Session bring your musical toys! 2pm
  • Sunday 7 December - Roasted Hangover

Clouds = seems raining in London (= everything that prevents us from seeing clearly objects) / rules : see the timeline where you want to register / with whom you want to leave the groups and undo? / we gonna try to have some fun / more Eventz plz? or we do not 'care about' this shit! "- (John Dali) / The houses are open, braided ropes, each role in the anthill / FormidabilityPoint / born for nothing / do not have vocations / live several times / END: First Week of December, 2014, Vyner Street Gallery / Love


Since 2003 Acme International Residencies Programme has worked with the Swiss Federal Office of Culture (BAK) to realise London residencies for Swiss artists.

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