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Renee Odjidja at BEARSPACE
'Some Assembly Required'

BEARSPACE | 152 Deptford High Street | SE8 3PQ
06.09.13 – 21.09.13 | Wed – Sat | 10-6pm
PRIVATE VIEW: FRIDAY 06.09.13 | 6-9pm


BEARSPACE is proud to present the work of Renee Odjidja, selected for the Acme Camberwell Studio Award 2012-13, who graduated from BA Drawing, Camberwell College of Arts in 2012. BEARSPACE is happy to exhibit this year's artist, working from Acme's Deptford-based studios in Childers Street.

Renee employs the use of flatpack furniture as her medium, in a way that moves on from the DIY manual and furniture outcomes we have become accustomed to. Renee ‘unpacks’ the flatpack norms to utilise the usually un-noticed parts of the ‘kit’ as the striking feature of her sculptures. The processes behind her use of flatpack materials have a lot to do with recognising the patterns ingrained within furniture assembly, and re-organising these patterns to create a new, hybrid body of work. The artist’s palette is that of a safety manual, signage or hazard. This is a language of colour based on practicality and instruction. In both colour and form the sculptures begin to tell a story.

Renee’s practice lends itself to Deleuze and Guattari’s concept of the rhizome, as figured within their text A Thousand Plateaus. The rhizome stands as a call for something new, something more productive. Renee’s manipulation of the instructions manual explodes the usual use and form of the piece, referencing subtlety a rich variety of art history including the ever-reinvented Duchamp ready made to Sol le Witt’s minimalist works. Instead of finding jarring elements to work together the artist subverts something in our everyday language.

What this means for a practice in de-construction could be that by systematically dismantling the coded practice of furniture assembly, Renee in a sense uses the ‘part objects’ of the flatpack furniture to produce new flows and states of intensity, that make the static furniture animate with signs produced by the re-organisation of the material pieces.

Renee Odjidja currently lives and works in London. She holds a BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Art and Design from Waltham Forest College (2009) and a BA (Hons) Drawing at Camberwell College of Arts (2012). She is currently on the Acme Camberwell Studio Award 2012-13. Recent exhibitions include ‘Future Map 12’ Central Saint Martins, Lethaby & Window Galleries, London (2013); Six from Twelve, Public House Projects, London (2012); CLASHANDCONVERGE II, Camberwell Space, London (2011); 'Peek Show', The Biscuit Factory, London (2011). Renee shares a large studio space with the recipient of the Chelsea Studio Award.

Renee was selected for the 2012-13 Camberwell Studio Award by Tamiko O’Brian, Associate Dean Camberwell College of Arts and Jonathan Harvey, Chief Executive, Acme Studios.

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