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In 2009 Acme Studios approached the Royal College of Art, Inspire MA, Curating Contemporary Art (CCA) course to explore how the use of the Acme Project Space would both benefit the expanding number of artists on Acme awards or residencies and support the aims of this innovative course by providing a platform for these young curators to develop ideas.

The students conceive an exhibition for the Acme Project Space following studio visits to artists on Acme's Residency and Awards Programme. This forms part of CCA's Interim projects programme including partnerships with Hackney Picture House and Wysing Arts Centre. The Acme exhibition is currently supervised by CCA Tutor, Kit Hammonds and Julia Lancaster, Residency & Projects Manager, Acme Studios.

From 2010 to 2011 the project formed part of CCA's Inspire placement based MA programme.


2014-15 ‘Planta: Notes on Botanical Dissidence’

The exhibition ‘Planta: Notes on Botanical Dissidence’ included work by Adrian Carruthers awardee Milou van der Maaden as well as Candice Jacobs, Isa Melsheimer and Rachel Pimm. The exhibition was premised on the investigative model of note-taking, the group show is an exploration into the conceptual potential of plants, often silently present but frequently neglected in the overarching discourses of history. It was curated by Inês Geraldes Cardoso and Grace Storey.

2013-14 'DELVE'

The exhibition ‘DELVE’ at the Acme Project Space featured Goldsmiths Studio Award recipient Sarah Duffy and Chadwell Award recipient Maaike Anne Stevens. The exhibition sought to interrogate and rethink the nature of artistic research. Approaching the exhibition as a process and focussing on the research-based practice of the artist and in turn the practice-based research of the curator, RCA Curating Contemporary Art MA students, Sofia Akram, Jintaeg Jang, Hena Lee, Jane Scarth and Yingting Xie sought to readdress the discourse around this field.

2012-13 'Adjacent Practice Colliding Daily'

During ‘Adjacent Practice Colliding Daily’ two adjacent galleries in the Acme Project Space were used as artists’ and curators’ studios to test the distinctions between places of production and display. It was a collaboration between Acme artists Ninna Bohn Pedersen (Adrian Carruthers Award), Rafal‚ Zajko (Chelsea Studio Award) and curators Anna Clifford, Matan Daube, Katherine Finerty, Dunya Kalantery, Gregory Lelczuk and Victor Wang (RCA Curating Contemporary Art). Artists and curators worked together in the space for the three week duration which unfolded as a continuous event open to the public.

2011 - 2012 'In Use'

The exhibition 'In Use' at the Acme Project Space featured Chelsea Studio Award holder Anna Moderato, as well as performances by Lucy Clout and Mary Hurrell. It was curated by Stella Bottai, Daria Khan, Ned McConnell and Jessica Vaughan, students on the MA Curating Contemporary Art programme at the Royal College of Art.

2010 - 2011 'Sum Parts'

The exhibition 'Sum Parts' featured artists from a selection of Acme's Residency, Awards and Community Programme; Briony Anderson / Paul McGee (Fire Station Work/Live), George Charman (Fire Station Work/Live), Amy Gee (Chelsea Studio Award), Adam Knight, Haroon Mirza (Fire Station Work/Live), Emma Smith (Fire Station Work/Live) and K. Yoland (Southwark Studio Residency).

Soraya Rodriguez from Zoo Art Enterprises worked with the students in realising the exhibition.

2009 - 2010 'Contort Yourself'

The exhibition 'Contort Yourself' at the Acme Project Space represented the first curatorial project of this important MA course. Three artists were selected to include work; David Blandy,  Jan Hendrickse (Tower Hamlets Studio Residency) and Harold Offeh.

Anna Moderato in the Chelsea Studio, Childers Street. Photo: Anna Moderato (2012)
Anna Moderato in the Chelsea Studio, Childers Street. Photo: Anna Moderato (2012)
'Contort Yourself' at the Acme Project Space. Photo: RCA (2010)
'Contort Yourself' at the Acme Project Space. Photo: RCA (2010)
Students installing 'Sum Parts' at the Acme Project Space. Photo: RCA (2011)
'Sum Parts' at the Acme Project Space. Photo: RCA (2011)


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