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Goldsmiths MFA Studio Award

A partnership award funded by Jane Hamlyn and Acme

Eligibility: Graduating MFA student at Goldsmiths, University of London. 



Recognising the importance of supporting students once they graduate, a new award was established funded by Jane Hamlyn, Acme Studios and ISA Charity through the Artisa Foundation, which will enable the recipient to devote more time to studio practice.

The award also includes a bursary paid in quarterly instalments in advance and a mentoring programme tailored specifically to the graduate’s practice including studio visits from other professional artists, curators, and access to networking opportunities.


Ruth Waters: 2016/17

Ruth Waters has been selected for the 2016/17 Goldsmiths MFA Studio Award. Speaking about the award Ruth said: "I feel incredibly fortunate to have received this award. Leaving a degree programme can be very difficult and I am looking forward to sharing a space with other artists who are also in the same situation so we can continue a dialogue about our practice together."

Panel member and artist David Batchelor explained the decision to select Ruth: "We were all particularly impressed with the way Ruth wove a variety of media - moving and still image, written text and spoken narrative, as well as colour, smell and taste - into a seamless evocation of a corporate 'self-improvement' environment. The result was a thoughtful commentary on a contemporary cultural phenomenon that managed to be at once seductive and sinister."


Warton House Graduate Award Studios

The Goldsmiths MFA Studio Award is one of seven graduate awards permanently located in purpose-designed studios, located at Acme’s Warton House studios in Stratford. The adjoining spaces aim to foster and encourage a greater degree of peer support. This, together with a programme facilitating professional input from artists, curators and experts supports an environment of growth, risk taking and excellance. These awards have been carefully developed with Acme’s partners to provide a valuable and effective bridge between college and continuing professional practice. Each award provides a rent-free studio for 12 months plus a stipend of £2,500 - £7,000 per year.


Previous recipients of the Goldsmiths MFA Studio Award



2015-2016: Alison Ballance
Alison was selected by Julia Lancaster (Senior Residency & Awards Manager, Acme Studios), Richard Noble (Goldsmiths), Jane Hamlyn (Award Donor) and David Batchelor (invited artist).
Alison works across performance and installations using writing, textiles and audio. Speaking about the award Alison said, "the award is a huge help at the end of my degree and I am very grateful to be a recipient. There are many pieces and projects I can commit to now given this opportunity. It will be good to work without the worry of time, space and money this year."

2014-2015: Cynthia Cruz
Cynthia Cruz was selected by a panel including Jonathan Harvey (Chief Executive, Acme Studios), Richard Noble (Goldsmiths), Adriana Paice (ISA Charity) and David Batchelor (external artist). Cynthia's practice includes painting and film. Speaking about her award she explained "Trying to make a living and making art is a difficult task. This award allows me to continue my practice, which requires a lot of space, because of my use of paints. After graduating it’s a relief to be able to focus on my art and not have to worry about money for a studio."

2013-14: Sarah Duffy
Sarah was selected for the inaugural Goldsmiths MFA Studio Award. Speaking about her award, Sarah explains “Having a studio space is so important for me as it allows me to continue my interdisciplinary practice, which encompasses performance, writing, video, sound and installation." Sarah had a solo exhibition 'Breathless' at the Acme Project Space in October 2014.

Ruth Waters at her degree show. Photo: Orlando Robinson (2016)

Ruth Waters at her degree show. Photo: Orlando Robinson (2016)

Partner: Goldsmiths, University of London and ISA Charity through the Artisa Foundation

Partner: Goldsmiths, University of London and ISA Charity through the Artisa Foundation

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