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London Advocacy

Acme Studios works closely with Arts Council England to promote the value and needs of all those providing affordable studio space for artists in London to government, to local authorities and other key strategic development and cultural agencies. In recent years, Acme has supported key presentations and meetings with a number of agencies including the host boroughs, London Thames Gateway Development Corporation, and the Mayor’s London Cultural Strategy Group.

Capital Studios

Capital Studios, the London Artists' Studios Development Programme was designed to raise awareness of the specific pressures on affordable studio space in London and explore opportunities for growth. The programme was led by Acme on behalf of all London affordable studio providers and coordinated by Val Millington. It was part-funded by Arts Council England and resulted in a number of meetings with local authorities and strategic development agencies and vital research leading to four publications. For more information and to download the publications, please see 'Further Reading'.

Artist Yukako Shibata in her studio at Harrow Road. Photo: Hugo Glendinning (2011)

Artist Yukako Shibata in her studio at Harrow Road. Photo: Hugo Glendinning (2011)

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Between 1996 and 2012 Acme received £3.2m of capital funding from Arts Council England which supported the creation of six permanent affordable studios in London: Copperfield Road, Fire Station, Galleria, Harrow Road, Leven Road and Matchmakers Wharf. This resulted in 186 studios and 12 work/live units in four London boroughs.